My Nutritional Journey

From a teenage dream to reality… Nutrition has been my passion, since I was a teenager, when I invested my pocket-money to buy health magazines instead of what was usual for teenagers at that time. Nourishing my body, staying fit and active has always been important to me. It is only after my first pregnancy … Read More

Contact Me

My name is Sanela and, as a Health & Fitness Coach and Nutrition Advisor, I help men and women to manage their weight, gain more energy, eat more balanced & nutritiously and get into the best shape of their life, for life. My clients achieve results by becoming the best versions of themselves so they … Read More

Nutrition, Weight Management & Fitness Services

FREE WELLNESS EVALUATION Book an individual Wellness Check for yourself or your family member or friend. Wellness Evaluation is ideal for those individuals that are concerned with their health or those that are interested in improving their health, learning how they can improve their nutritional habits in order to better manage their weight, slow down … Read More

Privacy Statement

During Wellness Evaluation, your contact details will be collected for further follow up, infomation and coaching. This is to confirm that your personal information will never be used for anything but to communicate with you for the purpose of your progress in capacity that we both agree to. Furthermore, your contact information will never be … Read More


Memories are very important and moments in time captured on a photograph are memories that last forever. I have always been passionate about photography and making sure I document my journey… here are some of my favourite moments…