My Nutritional Journey

From a teenage dream to reality…

Nutrition has been my passion, since I was a teenager, when I invested my pocket-money to buy health magazines instead of what was usual for teenagers at that time. Nourishing my body, staying fit and active has always been important to me. It is only after my first pregnancy in 2003, I was 30 years old, when I put on just over a 1 Stone in weight (8kg) when I, for the first time in my life, really stopped feeling and looking my usual self with full vibrancy and energy. While that is not a lot of weight, despite the fact that nothing fit me any more, it was my energy that bothered me the most – my energy was so low that I dreamt of going back to bed the moment I woke up each morning!

Despite not feeling great, I genuinely thought I was healthy and could not understand why I could not shift excess weight. I have never dieted before and did not know where to start or how to lose weight. It was not until I was introduced to our nutritional program that was personalised for me and until I started getting consistently good nutrition that I started losing my pregnancy weight. I learnt how to balance my blood sugar levels, what to eat and when, what foods to avoid, how much protein to have and when and how to balance plant with animal sources, how important body composition is versus just weight itself, how to get all my vitamins & minerals, etc.

Immediately, in the first few days, my energy went through the roof, I stopped having naps in the afternoon and gained so much extra time in a day. Happy days indeed!

Over a decade on and even after having my second child, weight is no longer an issue and, now in my 40s, I am happier with my body than when I was in my 20s. More importantly, I have all the energy I need to keep up with the demands of my family life and business. I am well-known for my energy and enthusiasm and I know it is linked with body getting the right fuel.

14 lbs is not a lot of weight, but it has always been about how I felt and that was a true change for me. It has never been about weight, but about making the right choices that nourish my body and, in return, gave me the feeling of vitality and energy. Weight loss and shape were secondary, but also very welcome outcomes, at the same time. Nutrition has always been my passion as I understood from early on, as a teenager, that we are what we eat; now with healthy, balanced nutrition, quality supplementation, exercise, good hydration and healthy levels of sleep – I am totally in control of not only my weight, but also my health. I have more energy than ever before.

With this knowledge and our solutions I am able to help anyone whether they want to lose weight or improve their energy levels and add more nutrition and balance into their diet! I have helped many achieve it.

Mum & Dad: My Inspiration

2015-08-27-12-56-02My parents have been my inspiration throughout my life, each of them for different reasons…

My father died when I was 19 from lung cancer and I grew up feeling that he is destroying his life with cigarettes and an unhealthy life in general. My mother, on the other hand, whilst having gone through breast cancer treatment herself, has always been very aware of the power of nutrition, has always taken care of her health… She made nutritious concoctions using plants and herbs, sought after ancient health recipes, even drank raw quail eggs daily to recover after her breast cancer treatment (I only discovered as an adult that they are full of anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fats), amongst other things. I am talking Bosnia & Herzegovina, in 1970s… Not modern Britain… πŸ™‚

My mother was a woman well ahead of her time, she has never finished school, but knew the relationship between our health and how well we feed our bodies. In February 2015 she celebrated her 75th birthday and is looking amazing for her age. She remains my inspiration and a validation that nutrition and health matter and she is and has always been my biggest supporter in the message of health I wish to bring to the world.

Β I found my true passion

One thing that attracted me to this opportunity is that fact that it was a nutritional company. Since I was a teenager, I had a passion for eating well. I was reading everything there was under the sun about healthy eating and was making my very own nutritional shakes by blending all the fruit, vegetables, herbs, even raw eggs, we had in the house and then I was looking for “victims” who would drink this Longevity Potion with me, as I used to call it. This passion, of course, could have only come from my own mum who to this day shares my enthusiasm about healthy eating.

My Education & Work Background

After graduating in Business Studies with Honours back in 1998, I started working for a Travel Company in London,Β  last role being an Online Marketing Manager, where I stayed for 10 years, until company liquidated 2008, which left me without full-time work. I then decided to put all my efforts into my passion for nutrition and helping other people with their energy, health and weight loss. Herbalife was a source of a part-time income until then and it was the best decision I have ever made to turn it into a full-time career.

I was working full-time managing a Call Centre in London when I had my first child and I felt a tremendous pressure of going back to work after 5 months of maternity leave. I had to work, no other way around it, but felt I was missing out on motherhood despite the fact that I was lucky enough to have my mother look after my son as both my husband and I worked.I was even still breastfeeding and every woman in the same position will know how difficult and even painful it is to work for 8 hours plus whilst you are still breastfeeding. I feel for all those moms who on top need to pay for childcare and in many cases, salary sometimes just barely covers the childcare costs, but, in this economic climate, we feel the pressure to go back in order to keep the job.It was 6 months after going back to work when I realised that I wanted something different for my family.Β  It was what money could not buy – staying home with my baby and building a career from home. Working for myself. Somehow. I then started looking for Home Based Business Opportunities. At the same time I moved from London to Bath and started working from home for the same London-based travel company. It was then when I realised that I am very motivated and self disciplined, and decided to look for an opportunity that would allow me to build my own business from home, initially part-time.

It did not take long when I came across opportunity in Health & Nutrition. I needed to lose some weight and surely could do with more energy. I started on the nutritional plan that I was advised by my coaches and started losing weight, whilst energy shot through the roof. With an increase in energy, I no longer had an urge to nap in the afternoons, I could spend these extra 1-2 hours in the evening building a business. Through my own wellness results, I naturally became passionate about helping others get same great health and weight loss result. Everyone was noticing the change in my energy and body shape! Few years after that, travel company liquidated and I lost the job, but I was lucky to have my Health & Nutrition business as a Plan B that became the Plan A.

Fast forward to over a decade, I am forever grateful for Herbalife opportunity and proud of myself for being courageous to take it in the first place as I did not want someone else to decide how much I was worth or tell me when I can take a holiday. I designed my life so to be able to afford flexibility around my children with an opportunity that offers residual income, should I decide to work the plan. More importantly, I have found a purpose in life serving others, which is the most satisfying part of my work.

The Future is Nutritious

I am very excited about the future as I see it as having a life of purpose and changing people’s lives, one by one at a time. This is our company’s mission and it quickly became mine. I am looking forward to helping many people in the future with their health and having more join my team as Health Ambassadors & Halth Coaches for good health, nutrition and education in the community.


If you would like to reach out and connect with me, please do, I would love to hear from you…