Nutrition, Weight Management & Fitness Services


Book an individual Wellness Check for yourself or your family member or friend. Wellness Evaluation is ideal for those individuals that are concerned with their health or those that are interested in improving their health, learning how they can improve their nutritional habits in order to better manage their weight, slow down the process of aging and increase their energy and overall vitality. Book your FREE Wellness Evaluation today.



CobraFIT workout was created to be able to offer an additional service to our existing nutritional clients so that they can, in combination with personalised nutrition, truly get into the best shape of their life. Science behind CobraFIT, as a High Intensity Interval Resistance Training, is incredible and offers the best way to increase metabolism, maintain or increase lean muscle, gain energy and get the body into the fat burning zone. Start with FREE TRIAL and join our CobraFIT Community.



Making a first step towards Healthy, Active Lifestyle can be overwhelming. That is why we created a simple way to get you started. FREE Wellness Evaluation is a first step to discover your current health risks, how fast is your lifestyle aging you, how fast your metabolism is and how to reverse the trend. 5 Day Nutrition Trial and 5 Day Challenge are a great next-step after Wellness Evaluation to see what can be achieved in under a week with our support, nutritional solutions and learning about fundamentals to healthy living. Book your FREE Wellness Evaluation today and start your Nutrition Trial.


Having spend most of my life, over 30 years now, fascinated by nutrition and effect of diet on our health, I am very proud, since 2004, to be one of the independent representatives for the world’s number one nutrition, meal replacement and protein supplementation brand in the world (Source: Euromonitor International Limited, 2016) – Herbalife International, company that uses latest of nutritional science, highest quality of plant ingredients and world’s top doctors and nutritional experts in creating Herbalife Nutrition pharmaceutical grade products.

We live in the world where nutrient deficiency in our food is a cruel reality and Herbalife Nutrition helps bridge the nutritional gap our diet often lacks and has been an essential part of my family’s diet, including my children’s diet over a decade now, that makes sure, on top of our healthy eating, that our bodies and its cells do get the nutrition they need to function optimally and develop a strong immune system. Herbalife Nutrition is also an essential part of the meal plans that I design for my clients in combination with regular food, and meal plans and product requirements depend on each of my client’s lifestyle, body composition requirements and goals clients wish to reach. Our Nutrition Trial is an ideal way to start with a Healthy Breakfast and see how making small changes like this can impact your energy levels and ability to better manage your weight.

As an Independent Herbalife Member, I act strictly as a Wellness COACH and products are only supplied to existing or new clients who are part of my 1-2-1 coaching &Β  follow up, support groups and/or fitness classes.