Sheila’s Story

I often ask clients if they would share their story of working with me and how Herbalife Nutrition plan works for them. I believe in telling stories as I always had an open heart to be affected and inspired by a story. So, when I ask someone to write something it is because I recognise something in them worth sharing with others. I may admire them for their perseverance, commitment, loyalty, transformation or all of it together and hope sharing their story from their own perspective would inspire others into action. We all need more inspiration in our lives. Also, I believe putting our journey on paper and using the power of reflection can be a great personal exercise in appreciating our journey to date and help us gain clarity and decide on the clearer vision we have for ourselves for the future.

I have been working with Sheila since 2016 and it has not been an easy journey for Sheila, but, I hope you can gain an inspiration from her heart warming story for the champion that she is… Before we can conquer to great health, we must conquer our mind and emotions and I believe Sheila is on her way…

“I came to Sanela, through a dear friend who was losing weight with an inspirational lady, high energy, affectionate, warm and very enthusiastic, in her commitment to healthy eating. Sanela and her mother (in her late 70’s)  were good examples of the nutrition plan that they practised.


I have had a long history of complicated relations with food. I have  complex emotional issues from childhood. I started to help myself, in my early 20’s, years of psychotherapy, slimming clubs and no end of different diets. Some of these  were  very extreme starvations, or short-term fixes.


Through those experiences, I had my awareness raised to these childhood matters where I used food to block out negative feelings, and keep meyself productive. But with the birth of my two kids, (another emotional rollercoaster for me) I put on 5 stones which I have been unable to get rid of. Finally two years ago I had a consultation for a gastric band, but knew this was too radical a step even for me. Results for these procedures are not always successful.


Sanela and I have been working together, on a one to one, maximum half an hour, sometimes fifteen minutes. I try to focus my thoughts to help myself, before we meet as Sanela (who does not charge for her time, but only for nutritional food that is part of my personalised nutrition plan) tries to support my internal dialogue and confused thinking so I can make changes. I do respect her dedication to her clients, to give them this time.


Sanela has come up with ideas which help me gain a stronger sense of self so I can rely on myself without the support of food, to overcome daily issues.


Some very sensitive childhood matters came to the fore. I could not manage the weekly weigh in with Sanela. My parents had put me on a diet, and weighed me regularly from 7 yrs, and the weight I was supposed to lose was never enough, and really at 7 years old, I couldn’t understand why I needed to be on a regime of weight loss. So began the seeds of my issues with food. Being over controlled, by parents who thought they were doing their best, but it was too intrusive, especially as between 7-18 yrs girls bodies are changing as their bodies prepare for growth spurts upwards, and my sense of self was compromised. Also the mindset I developed of whatever I did in life was never enough.


It was revealing to me that Sanela was visibly affected to hear my story, so we agreed I would not be weighed and only come back to this when I was ready. The relief was enormous, and I continue to work on keeping on track without this sole measurement of the performance on the scales,  that I had used to inappropriately define me.


The stabilising thread of Herbalife  is that you can go through the day with 5-6 healthy meals and snacks, including a delicious meal. That it is the nutrition plan, and with the balance of protein, vitamins, minerals, including fibre supplements, so I feel more energetic,  and my nails are much stronger. What the program also gives is a relief that when the day or week is chaotic, and eating may go off-balance,  you have an old friend to return to. It presents as a golden  thread of balance in my life as an unbalanced eater.


What can I say about my empathetic Sanela. She listens, to my individual emotional needs, has come up with books, and references for mantras and affirmations, to keep me strong, which have been profoundly helpful. I talk about my internal irrational dialogue about food, and my need to change as it has so sabotaged efforts in the past.


Although I have eating issues, like many I have managed to outperform in other areas. I have always maintained a very successful career, marrying late, with 2 now grown up children.


Sanela asked me to write something that she could share, but secretly I think she felt it would be another way of helping me, and it certainly has! I am so pleased for my introduction to Sanela, and I must say that many others could benefit from her unique assistance, into your own journey with maintaining good health, and weight loss assistance, if you are ready for it.”

Thank you, dear Sheila and here is to you and your health and continued progress… And this makes me a very proud Herbalife Health Coach as, despite amazing Herbalife Nutrition that can help individuals with their health and weight management, what we also do is lock hands and hearts with our clients and sharing a bit of your heart is a magic ingredient that can help a client go even further.

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The Power of Accountability for Weight Loss and Fitness Goals: one key missing ingredient

After 13 years of working with clients on their personal journeys to a better health, weight loss, as well as fitness in the last few years, one thing is for sure – it can be a bumpy ride for majority and hardly ever a straight line. Many times, despite having the best mechanics for weight loss, it is the psychology that fails us, which makes me believe that 80% is the psychology and having the right mindset to reach our goals. This is probably true for everything in life, not just our health efforts.

Once we have a great plan and a strategy, it is our mindset that needs the most support.

20% of Your Success – Having A Great Plan

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Mum, thank you, for your passion!

My mother is a breast cancer survivor. She is the only one of 10 ladies that were treated at the same time back in 1980 in Zagreb hospital that survived. The other 9 ladies died within the same year, may they rest in peace. Actually, most of my childhood I thought my mum was going to die too. I am telling this story to celebrate her recovery and the fact that she is still alive and healthy, soon to be 77 and probably healthier than most of her age.

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Jenni’s Story: Feeling better in my 50s than I did in my 30s

jenni1Jenni has been my client for 6 months now and it was one of those moments when she first came to CobraFIT initially that I felt instant connection that I usually feel with people who are just open, kind individuals. You just have to love Jenni. Whenever there is a new participant at CobraFIT, I know Jenni will immediately try to give them some tips and advice, be kind, tell them how good the plan is working for her and make them at ease. I am so grateful to have Jenni as part of our community, such an invaluable member and now very dear friend too. Here is Jenni’s story to date…

“I met Sanela as I had signed up for her Cobrafit workout.Β  My journey back to health, up to that point, had been slow to get off the ground and I was looking for a weight training style of workout to compliment my other excercise.

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Lejla’s Story: Inspiring story of gained confidence and aiming higher

lejlaLejla has been a client for three years now, today being her anniversary of getting started initially and has, on her journey, inspired many around her to take the next step. She is an invaluable member of our Herbalife USA Eat Clean Support Group and I am so grateful for her loyalty and support. I have not met Lejla yet, but surely look forward to visiting Washington in not so distant future. Thank you so much for your feedback, Lejla, delighted you too have been inspired to dream bigger and I know you will continue to be an inspiration… Here it is…

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Maida’s Story of Perseverance: Thriving with her Health Tribe


Maida and I at the age of 16

It is then true when they say: “If you want something done, give it to a busy person!”. Here is my oldest friend, Maida, when asked to write just a few lines about how well program and support are working for her, Maida, in between running a busy office at the major University in the United States, packing for her trip home to Europe in 48 hours, and everything else in between – finds time to also pour her heart and soul into this wonderful story that is so inspiring and brought a tear to my eye. It is also a testament to a great friendship as one really has to love you to trust you enough to follow your lead and ask for help with something so personal, and then live to tell such incredible story…

“Sanela and I go way back. A long time ago when there was no Herbalife and we were just kids and best friends, Sanela was all about healthy, organic nutrition and exercise. I was probably one of her first clients and faithful listeners because not too many people at the time talked about food so much. She was always so passionate about it. It was only natural to join Sanela on my Herbalife journey.

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My mother, my inspiration

My parents have been my inspiration throughout my life, each of them for different reasons…

My father died when I was 19 from lung cancer and I grew up feeling that he was destroying his life with smoking and an unhealthy life in general. My mother, on the other hand, whilst having gone through breast cancer treatment herself, has always been very aware of the power of nutrition, has always taken care of her health… She made nutritious concoctions using plants and herbs, sought after ancient health recipes, even drank raw quail eggs daily to recover after her breast cancer treatment (I only discovered as an adult that they are full of anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fats), amongst other things. I am talking Bosnia & Herzegovina, in 1970s… Not modern Britain… πŸ™‚

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Sebila’s inspiring story: Going all the way…

I have a confession to make. I LOVE getting feedback from my clients. I do what I do because I love it. I would do it even if I did not get paid for it (I know, seriously, but luckily does not need to be that way)Β  – help people improve their health… like a chat I had with my neighbour yesterday who was gardening and complaining of a bad back as I passed by and immediately started talking about the weather (we are in England, afterall), so I taught him how to “hold his core”, expression he did not even know what it meant up until then, which made us both chuckle. Or protein bar I gave to a concierge of one of Bath’s hotels that I happened to be chatting to, so he got the protein bar for his snack. They say that people will remember you not for what you said, but for how you made them feel. I really get that. So, I love the feedback as I always wonder, despite great results my clients get, what difference does it really make in their life.

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Fit @ Fifty: Ruth Holding, Bath – story of a body and health transformation

ruthRuth has been my client since July 2015. She originally came to trial our High Intensity Interval Resistance Training workout, CobraFIT, at the very new venue at the time, Bathford School in Bath that happens to be very close to where Ruth lives. After a trial and a Wellness Evaluation that included Body Composition Check and Nutritional Consultation, Ruth decided to start on our 3 Day Nutritional Trial and after great results, decided to start on the plan that would include personalised meal plan to which she consistently added a CobraFIT class each week.

I was well aware that Ruth was getting great results and my other clients who happen to work with Ruth were also telling me how impressed they were with her obvious transformation, but when Ruth walked into the CobraFIT session last Thursday in her brand new skin tight fitness gear, everyone’s jaw dropped as she looked simply amazing and transformation was obvious. Here is her story:

“The change in my weight and body shape are now obvious for all to see. Β Friends are stopping me in the street astonished at the amount of weight I have lost and it really is all due to following the Herbalife programme and changing my lifestyle habits too.

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Sara’s Story… Body Transformation of a mum of two … From being desperate to becoming confident & an inspiration…

sarahβ€œA year ago I was a desperate woman. After a year of struggling with diets I had lost only 7 pounds of the 4 stone I had gained over the last 5 years. A new sedentary job and two babies had left me drowning in baby weight – standing only 5’4” tall, I was 13 stone. As I approached my mid 40s I had begun to believe I would never wear my favourite size 12 clothes again.

I didn’t feel myself. I felt out of control and dominated by food. I was scared I would end up like people you hear about who can’t leave the house. I was embarrassed, breathless, tired and down. A life of shapeless tent-wearing awaited.

I turned up at Sanela’s not really knowing what to expect but her immediate injection of positivity and conviction made me want to give her Herbalife three day nutrition trial a go. I lost a pound and knew this plan was for me. Each week Sanela met with me, texted me and kept me on track. She taught me how to choose foods to keep my appetite under control, gave me snack ideas and adjusted my diet to analyse where I was going wrong (who knew you could consume a day’s worth of calories just in cappuccinos!).

Her knowledge and faith in me made me determined to succeed and overcome inevitable hiccups (curry anyone?). As the pounds came off, all kinds of things started to happen – I felt my old personality coming back! I was no longer hiding. I started taking care of myself, getting my hair done, looking after and accepting myself.
As energy returned and I stopped poisoning myself, I found extra focus to meditate and set up positive cycles that fed into each other. More energy – more focus, more focus – better choices – more energy… If you put spare energy into things that are good for you your wellbeing will grow.

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Mary’s Story: late 60s could be our new 40s… Master healthy, active lifestyle at any age!

maryβ€œI joined the WLC on the 14th September 2009 and was introduced to a totally new way of eating healthily, which has helped me to lose 5 Stones of excess weight and keep them off.Β  Drinking one Herbalife Shake in the morning for my breakfast and eating two meals per day with two litres of water, two cups of Herbalife tea (which is very refreshing) and a little fruit has provided to be so easy and satisfying.Β Β Β Β Β 
The first week I lost approximately 4.5 lbs and have continued to lose 1.5 to 2.5 lbs per week and without any feeling of tiredness.

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