Learn About The Fundamentals Of Healthy Eating With Our 5 Day Eat Clean Challenge

Jump start your Healthy Active Lifestyle with 5 Day Challenge.

Making a first step towards healthier lifestyle can be overwhelming for many people as there are so many variables to making it work for you so you can get the results you desire. Our 5 Day Challenge has been designed to kick-start you slowly into a healthier lifestyle. Over 5 days we introduce you to the 5 fundamental elements to living a healthy life as well as getting you into action through daily challenges. For a small charge, we supply you with our Nutrition Trial Pack that contains a healthy nutritious breakfast for each of the 5 days plus we give you great education about what to eat throughout the day, when to eat it, you get personal coaching and learn so much as well as have fun interaction with other people on the Challenge!

What we find is that the more you stay engaged, and participate in the support group, the more value you are going to get out of the Challenge. Even better if you invite friends and family interested in joining you for even more support in your eating clean for 5 days and kick starting their own healthy lifestyle, so you can all keep each other accountable.

You will understand the value of not doing it on your own but within a support group from the comfort of your home or office; even better if you involve some of your friends and family as your Challenge Partners for best results all around and more fun in the process.


Step-By-Step 5 Day plan is available to make necessary changes for maximum results through change to a better meal balance, meal frequency, improved hydration and portion control.


We start you off with our Nutrition Trial Pack that will be used as a Healthy Breakfast during 5 Day Eat Clean Challenge with added support of helping You optimise other meals and snacks.


Each 5 Day Challenge starts on every Monday and finishes on Friday. Please allow 3 working days to receive your Nutrition Pack, whilst local clients who live in or around Bath can pick up locally and benefit from a FREE Body Composition Assessment & Wellness Evaluation.



During 5 Day Challenge, our participants are encouraged to share their meals, snacks and our healthy breakfasts for ideas, inspiration as well as for us to be able to give feedback so participants can improve the balance of their meals and therefore get better results in the process. This is part of the education we offer that is very important as it is about learning to eat healthy and in balance for life. No fad diets, just good nutrition that is optimised for your body that includes regular food combined with highest grade supplements to give your body everything in needs so it can feel at its best.

Below are some of the meals shared in the past and here are testimonials of my USA Eat Clean Challenge Support Community – who started from one week and now it is an ongoing support as they motivate and push each other in achieving their goals and help new clients, their own friends and family, who freshly join:


Maida’s Story: Thriving with her health tribe:

“… The brilliant Eat Clean support group led by our wonderful coach is my tribe. These ladies are strong, successful and smart women who are just average people like you and me who want to work on bettering themselves. We are working women, single, married, aunts, sisters and moms from different walks of life with one common goal, to be healthy. Herbalife supports our journey, but we have also learned so much about nutrition. We share recipes, food ideas and every day ups and downs. We give emotional support, tough love and we do it with an open heart and honesty. No judgment, just understanding. I now put great thought into creating my meals. I know what I need and what I want and how to differentiate. These ladies keep me inspired every day….” Read Maida’s Full Testimonial

Lejla’s Story: Inspiring story of gained confidence and aiming higher

“… To make it more interesting, this time around I am the member of online chat group with wonderful ladies. They are there to remind me about today’s goals and to provide me a support on days that are not going my way. We laugh and cry, sometimes we are crying and laughing on situations that we all are going thru. We share the burden and it is much easier that way…” Read Lejla’s Full Testimonial

Sebila’s inspiring story: Going all the way…

“… Second, the online chat group. Well those ladies are truly what keeps me going. Every day, I can’t wait to check in with my food and calorie intake, because I feel like we are all in this together. We share our ups and downs and they are all here to keep me on track. My life is full of people at the office trying to get me to eat the leftover lunches from meetings or friends who always want to go to dinner to catch up, and the online group helps me navigate those, helps me realize that I have to control myself and keeps me accountable. I feel like I owe them my commitment and it keeps me going every day….” Read Sebila’s Full Testimonial