CobraFIT Bath, HIIRT Workout – Join our Healthy, Active Lifestyle Community


CobraFIT is designed as a full body workout that, together with our personalised nutrition, can get you into the best shape of your life, for life! And, we do not just say it… Here is why…

Your overall health, shape and energy levels are a direct result of your nutrition, which plays a major 80% part of your overall result, and exercise, which is 20%.  CobraFIT was created as an additional support for our existing nutrition clients who are already following a personalised Nutrition Plan so that, on top of their 80% nutrition, they also get 20% through an effective workout.

CobraFIT is also ideal for those who need to increase their exercise (or start exercising in the first place), but also recognise the need for the support with their weight management, general health and nutrition, however, do not know where to start or everything they tried has not worked well to date.  CobraFIT offers an opportunity to trial under one week both the CobraFIT class and our nutrition solutions that we offer, which we personalise depending on client’s individual body composition, lifestyle and wellness goals they have.

Without adjusting your nutrition, aiming to change your health & body shape through exercise alone, will be in vain, so, our classes are aimed at those who understand they need to tackle both, at the same time. “Abs are made in the kitchen”, is a famous quote that I am sure you are familiar with. That is why we put so much emphasis on nutrition. Saying that, exercise is extremely important as its benefits exceed the benefits it has just on weight management alone.

We have chosen to offer our clients CobraFIT specifically because of the science behind High Intensity Interval Resistance Training type of workouts. Scientifically, its benefits way supersede the effect many other types of exercise have as it combines elements of exercising at high intensity, at intervals with resistance element as well as using weights of 4kg and above:

  • CobraFIT is a High Intensity Interval Resistance progressive Training system
  • It can be used in group fitness, sports specific training and personal training.
  • Incorporates both Cardio & Muscular Fitness:
    • It is a Cardio, Resistance AND Weight Training all in one: uses a 4kg, 6kg, 8kg or heavier cobra bag
  • Suitable for all age groups & all fitness levels, from sedentary to athlete!
  • Helps develop strong bones and joints
  • High Calorie Burn During Workout: Up to 600 Calories burn in 40 min workout!
  • High Calorie AFTER-BURN/ High Post-Workout Metabolic Boost: Up to 1000 Calories burnt 38 Hours after the workout
  • Safe, fun & effective!

Your CobraFIT Coaches

Hello! We are Cassy and Sanela. We are Lifestyle & Wellness Coaches, Independent Herbalife Members and fully accredited CobraFIT coaches. Our purpose is to empower you to reach your potential through maximising your Physical Health. As we are both busy working moms, we understand the challenges busy parents and professionals go through in order to have the energy to stay healthy & in a good shape. We believe in You Are What You Eat and have a comprehensive, balanced and personalised plan that can help anyone with their both fitness and weight management goals. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to help you achieve the best version of yourself!


Coach Sanela, Tel. O7794 976 209, Wellness Coach since 2004, CobraFIT fully accredited as of April 2014


Coach Cassy, Tel. O7714 242 167, Wellness Coach since 2010, CobraFIT fully accredited as of April 2014









What You need to know…

  • Each CobraFIT session includes post-workout recovery meal. Please bring your own water.
  • If you are coming for the first time – please arrive 30 minutes before the class starts to fill in the Waiver Form and to go though some basic CobraFIT techniques.
  • We advise eating 1- 2 hours before the workout, but we will advise the best pre-fuel options for the future at the Wellness Evaluation for new participants.
  • All classes must be pre-booked in advance (new and existing participants) to avoid disappointment as limited amount of spaces/ cobra bags are available per class.

Cost of Classes

  • NEW PARTICIPANTS: There is a £10 one-off CobraFIT Registration Fee payable after your first class. It includes, apart from your workout, a full wellbeing assessment (Wellness Evaluation) and an Ideal Breakfast Nutrition trial pack that includes 6 Healthy Breakfasts, Meal Plan to follow with personalised protein levels to help balance your diet and boost your metabolism as well as an opportunity to join 5 Day Challenge to further clean up your diet and really get a chance to get the results from your workout, if you have friends and family who you feel would benefit from a healthier start! If you enjoy & complete the nutrition trial and also enjoy the class, we would be delighted to welcome you to our CobraFIT Bath Community!
  • REGULAR PARTICIPANTS: £6.50 per class or book 10 Classes for £55 and save £10

Class times and Location

  • 6:30PM Start on Thursdays at Bathford School, Bathford (Dovers Park, Bathford BA1 7UB)

Join our CobraFIT and Healthy, Active Lifestyle community and have fun getting into the best shape of your life, for life! Use form below to book your first class or contact us on the numbers above! We look forward to working with you!


(Registration Fee applies, which includes: Body Composition Analysis, Nutrition Trial Pack & 1 x CobraFIT Session)



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