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Discover a simple solution to your better energy & shape with our Ideal Breakfast Nutrition Trial Pack

Our Ideal Breakfast Nutritional Trial Pack is an introduction to our nutrition programme and it can be used to start an ideal breakfast program for more energy and adding more nutrition to your diet, as well as, if needed, to take your first step to your healthy weight management plan.

Did you know that 48% of the population skips breakfast and 47% has mainly sugary based breakfast? No wonder obesity is such a problem where over 50% of the population in the U.K. is overweight. Research also shows that what we have for breakfast plays a huge part how the rest of the day is going to work out as unstable blood sugar levels (caused by an unbalanced breakfast or skipping it all together) will result in us to over eat or reach for more unhealthy carbs (read sugar) for quick energy, which is a bad scenario for managing weight and energy levels. For more information, see Healthy Breakfast Page.

With our Ideal Breakfast Nutrition Trial Pack, in just a few days, you will feel lighter, have more energy and will gain confidence that you can indeed reach your energy and wellness goals. Nutritional plan can then be personalised for you depending on your body composition and results you are trying to achieve.

Who is it for?

Herbalife Nutrition Ideal Breakfast for everyone

What is in it?

Herbalife Nutrition Ideal Breakfast Trial Pack Contents

The Nutrition Trial contains 6 Ideal Formula 1 Healthy Meals that can be used as 6 Ideal Breakfasts over six days OR as 3 Healthy Breakfasts and 3 Healthy Meals over three day period, together with our fat burning and antioxidant rich, energy herbal beverage.

You would get support with healthy snacks as well as how to combine and properly balance your lunch and/ or dinner in combination with your Ideal Breakfast.

I would be available during trial to answer any questions and to help with any challenges and my advice would be personalised to your body composition and your lifestyle.

Our Formula 1 healthy meals are smoothies that are perfectly balanced with the right amount of protein, fibre and nutrients and tick all the boxes of what a an ideal breakfast should have, unlike usual breakfast choices of cereals, toasts, pastries, etc. They are backed by science and suitable from children to elderly as a great way to add some plant nutrition to our diets. My children love them and have had them since they were one year old! Here are some Formula 1 Clinical Trials.

As an additional support, we can form your own 5 Day Eat Clean Challenge support group so you can get maximum results from your trial, if you have other members of your family or friends who would love to participate in an Ideal Breakfast Trial too with you.

If you are local to me, with an Ideal Breakfast Trial, you are also ellegible for a FREE Health Check – Body CompositionΒ Assessment & Wellness Evaluation.

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