Step 1: Wellness Evaluation: Book Your Free Health Check & See How Fast You Are Ageing

Getting healthy in 3 simple steps…

As a Health & Nutrition Coach, my work with you goes beyond dieting, but rather on to achieving your personal very best. Weight as a measure plays a very small part compared to your body composition, energy levels, getting your body to the optimum nutrition levels, which makes a difference in overall how good you feel, whether your goal is to run a marathon or whether just to be able to go up the flight of stairs without feeling breathless… and everything else in between. Results you are looking to achieve can be a reality and success is just three simple steps away…

img_0163STEP 1: Book Your FREE Wellness Evaluation



If you are local to me and live in or around Bath, UK – first step is to book your Wellness Evaluation with me. It includes full Body Composition Assessment and assessment of Your current lifestyle of your current food intake and exercise regime, if you currently have any. During consultation, we discuss:

  • Current challenges (such as cravings, energy levels, addictions, etc.),
  • Your health goals
  • How your current lifestyle effect your body metrics: body fat, muscle mass, hydration level, bone mass, visceral fat as well as your metabolic age.
  • How fast is your current diet aging you
  • Associated risks to your health.

If you are not local – although body composition is an important part of the assessment so we can see the full extent of the effects of your current lifestyle, we can still have a quick chat over the phone or Skype to get you started.

Herbalife Nutrition Ideal Breakfast Trial PackSTEP 2: Start Your Ideal Breakfast Nutrition Trial


Once Your Wellness Evaluation is completed, You will have a choice: Start Your Personalised Plan (suitable for those ready for change straight away or those who already had an experience on the plan or were referred by their friend or family member) or, for a symbolic charge, I can supply you with a Nutrition Trial so you can see what You can achieve with my support in under one week. Trial includes 6 x Formula 1 Ideal Breakfasts and, during trial, you would receive education on the fundamentals of healthy living as well as my coaching & support. I can even help You create an accountability group if you wish to include some of your friends and family membersΒ  (5 Day Eat Clean Challenge) on your journey, someone who would keep you accountable and vice versa, which increases each of your success rates. There is no obligation to include anyone else, but it is useful to mention in case you may have someone who you know would love to do it together with you and accountability plays a huge part in your success.

During Nutrition Trial You will learn:

  • What to eat throughout the day and in what balance,
  • When to eat it (frequency) to stimulate your metabolism.
  • What is the right nutritional plan for your body needs, depending whether you wish to lose weight, gain weight or simply maintain your weight whilst increasing your energy levels and general vitality.

www-wellness4life-co-ukSTEP 3: Start Your Personalised Plan with Coaching & Reviews


After Your Nutrition Trial or straight after your Wellness Evaluation, if you wish to continue working with me, your nutritional plan will be personalised and You will be ready to work towards your health goals. We will aim to follow up initially every week and keep track of your key measurements. You will then be able to see your improvements over time.

Reviews and coaching are free. I will keep advising you on the best practices to achieve optimum result, you will be able to join a support group to continue education, especially if you enjoyed our 5 Day Eat Clean Challenge. I highly encourage my clients to surround themselves with people who will support them on their journey and I also offer a system to work together with your circle so you all learn and get great results, wherever you are.

You may add an exercise you wish, for optimum results (this is optional and it’s up to you to find the exercise that suits and appeals to you). If You are local, You are also welcome to join our CobraFIT Bath Community.

Please visit Success Stories & Testimonials for inspiring stories of success, determination and some great achievements with our clients and communities.

To book your Wellness Evaluation, please use the form below to book your appointment or feel free to contact me via phone or email.