Herbalife Member Loyalty & Rewards Programme: Making Good Nutrition More Rewarding

Are you already an existing client and enjoying our Eat Clean and/or CobraFIT Community? Really loving Herbalife Nutrition products, support you get and difference it makes to your health and lifestyle? Do You have friends and family members who keep asking about your great results or who you think might enjoy it too?

Perhaps it is then time to learn about our Customer Loyalty Programme and becoming one of our Healthy, Active Lifestyle Members so you can earn points from your household purchases and from purchases made by other product lovers you inspire…


Already as a valued active community participant or solely a Herbalife Nutrition client, you must be well on your way to achieving your healthy, active result. You must, by now, understand the science behind healthy eating and how our products support this process and the level of support we offer and we trust all of these are the contributing factors to you getting great results so far!


The Member Activation Programme is here to help you stay engaged and also inspire your friends and family to reach their very own healthy active lifestyle habits with Herbalife Nutrition, whilst you can also earn some rewards for your loyalty & support! Your Active Member Rewards range from Member Discounts on Herbalife Nutrition products, support system, promotional rewards and even cash earnings!








The Herbalife Membership is open to everyone. Whether you are simply enjoying the products or want to help others lead a healthier lifestyle, we encourage you to take advantage of opportunity offered by the company:

Become an AMBASSADOR & MEMBER AND enjoy benefit of 25% discount on your personal nutritional plan and other rewards: As a valued Herbalife Nutrition customer and an active community participant (Eat Clean Challenge OR CobraFIT), we would love you to become our Ambassador – someone who has introduced two or more friends or family members, who wish to get healthier & fitter, to our Healthy Active Lifestyle. We would start them first with our Ideal Breakfast Trial Pack to try changing their breakfast and help them also with the rest of their diet. Ambassadors are also ellegible to join as Members to get their nutrition products at 25% discount, while we look after friends and family they recommended.

Become an ACTIVE MEMBER & enjoy benefit of 35% – 50% discount on your personal nutritional plan and other rewards: Very often, those who have excellent results recommend a lot more than two people to our Healthy, Active Lifestyle. If they introduce 5-7 people and help them, with our support, with their health & weight management, then they are well on the way of qualifying for many added rewards from higher discount levels, complementary Herbalife Nutrition branded NutriBullet blender and more. Those we call Active Members.

HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR MEMBERSHIP? Start by building Your Circle Of Product Lovers:

  1. INVITE: Help friends and family to trial and sample Herbalife Nutrition Products such as Formula 1 healthy meal, our energy boosting herbal beverage and/ or some of our snacks such as protein bars or soya beans;
  2. EVALUATE: Introduce them to The Healthy Breakfast programme along with a simple Wellness Evaluation so we can help them to identify and reach their healthy, active goals. Our 6 Day Ideal Breakfast/ Nutrition Trial is an ideal starting point…
  3. SUPPORT: Support and inspire your new product lovers to use the products and reach their healthy, active goals: introduce them to our Eat Clean Challenge or CobraFIT Community so they can enjoy even more support whilst following the plan.


I met Nicky in 2009 when she joined my Weight Loss Challenge. She had such great results that inspired her to become a member in 2010 so she can benefit from member reward of purchasing products at 35% whilst she was also helping her husband Nigel and a few friends and neighbours. Nicky lost 35 lbs to date and at the end of 2016 decided she would like more rewards from her Herbalife membership. We got together, set a date to do a Healthy, Active Lifestyle party at her house and explain her friends and neighbours about Ideal Breakfast and science behind Herbalife Nutrition. Out of six ladies that came, four went on and got their Body Composition tested and started a Nutrition Trial.

We put them all together into an Eat Clean Challenge to help educate them as well as support them on their mission, whilst they are also being accountable to each other. They all loved their first week on the challenge that they decided to go on a full plan and have since all lost anything between 16 to 30 lbs (and going…) and they all regularly contribute to their closed support group, together with Nicky and myself. One of them also introduced her husband who is also doing great on the plan. Their feedback is that they have never been before more supported and more motivated as they are now with a Herbalife Nutrition plan.

What it meant for Nicky is that she also qualified for top wholesale bracket, which is 50%, so her and her husband can eat for free and she also qualified for a free Herbalife Nutrition branded NutriBullet – a promotion that Herbalife has put together for us here in the UK and Europe for those new members who support 5-7 clients three months in a row and accumulate certain volume. Nicky is very proud of not only her personal results, but also the difference she made to those few people in her circle of influence and I hope she continues making a difference with those around her who need it.


Sharing a healthy, active lifestyle with 5-7 people can inspire product purchases and unlock more rewards. The best is to start who you know. Your improved energy and health and shape result could be already inspiring others who are wondering what exactly have you been doing to achieve it. The biggest reward is surely helping the people you love and care about improve their health. So, your friends, family, relatives, team mates, club members and colleagues could all also reap benefits of the Herbalife healthy, active lifestyle programme.


  • WHO DO YOU… Have breakfast with in the morning? … Spend most of your day with?
  • WHO DO YOU KNOW THAT… Skips breakfast? … Has no energy? … does not eat during the day? … Has low energy?

Asking people what they ate that morning is an easy way to introduce Herbalife Nutrition ideal breakfast and its benefits, everything you experienced yourself when you changed from a sugary or no breakfast to our Formula 1 Healthy Breakfast. Just imagine how many people you know that skip breakfast or may not be eating healthily in the morning. Why not offer them to try our Healthy Breakfast by offering them a taster or even starting them on an Ideal Breakfast Nutrition Trial!

Please talk to me next time you see me about Herbalife Membership and an opportunity for us to work together to help a two or more members of your friends and family circle.


Healthy, Active Lifestyle Community: Understanding Our unique 4 Pillars Approach

2016-06-10-08-07-59Everything we do is about working to help make our community healthier and more active and we achieve it using our Four Pillars Approach that is unique to us and consists of:

  • Education: We find that people often make poor dietary and exercise decisions simply because they do not realise the impact, do not have the right knowledge or are unaware of the smarter way. We help educate and empower them with the right knowledge.
  • Nutrition: We personalise scientifically formulated meal plans for each client to keep their body in a fat burning zone all day long while supporting their lean muscle and nutritional needs of the body.
  • Community: We have a community support structure that we help new member build in their own community. Building a community ensures long-term business.
  • Exercise: We have an exercise solution that new coached can get accredited with should they wish so (CobraFIT). Many new members already in fitness industry use our three other pillars to add to their existing work with clients. Fitness element adds another dimension to your business or you can use our existing structure to help your own clients get more active.



Achieving your personal healthy active result, and helping your friends and family do the same, is a key to a successful active Herbalife Membership. Consistently helping 5-7 people each month, apart from many rewards, will also take you to achieving a Herbalife Supervisor level in your first year and, not only you would then benefit from our best level of product pricing, with an amazing 50% off the products, but it would also open you up to the possibility of many more rewards from royalty and bonus payments to International vacations, exclusive events and promotions, VIP parties and travel, International travel and more…

Have a look at my Gallery for some photos from many exciting events and vacations I had with the company…

Deciding to join the team at this level will mean that you wish to commit more time and effort to generate an extra income on a full-time or part-time basis or even a replacing your current income. We have a local and national support structure to help you go all the way and become a successful and independent business owner and earn residual income.


  • ARE YOU AN EXISTING CLIENT? Please talk to me next time you see me about Herbalife Membership and an opportunity for us to work together to help a two or more members of your friends and family circle.
  • YOU WOULD LIKE TO EXPLORE AN OPPORTUNITY OF STARTING YOUR NUTRITION PLAN OR WORKING WITH ME?Β The best way to understand what we do is to schedule your very own Wellness Evaluation, so you can have a first hand experience of the service and information we provide to our clients, sample some of our nutritional products, start Your own Ideal Breakfast Nutritional Trial, an easy way to duplicate the success of others, have a chat about your own goals in life and how this opportunity could help you achieve them and see if we could work together.

To book your Wellness Evaluation or Work With Me interview, please use the form below to book your appointment or feel free to contact me via phone or email.